'SOMP' ('The Sáile Online Music Project') is primarily about combining music + art online and about enjoying and sharing the process of 'creating' together.

This project is supposed to connect musicians worldwide by making music together - like one changing but permanent international, virtual band.

It aims at reaching different people (not only from the elitist art/music scene) and to re-integrate a rawness, immediacy and laid back attitude.

The project ‘SOMP’ also aims to expand or at least influence the aesthetics of online music videos (specifically of covers) by integrating artistic as well as lo-fi impulses and hopefully a sense of humour. 

Imperfection is encouraged as in searching for a more immediate way of spreading music/sound than through highly expensive, polished and filtered music and videos. Perfection is great but spontaneity, ‘flow’, chance and unpredictability enhance the creative process. 




Instead of creating a 12 track album ‘SOMP’ is an ongoing project that keeps releasing music and voice tests and art videos along the way. Albums are great, but so are single songs, one by one, with focused attention.



Another important aspect is to focus on covers of songs instead of starting with original work. It is anticipated to re-create these songs in a special way and to show the versatile ways of making sounds, music, to interpret lyrics and melodies, to exeperiment with instruments and voice. 

Later, if the project grows, original music would be a nice addition to work on with different input and influences from everyone who participates. 




Of course creating music together without having met or without rehearsing and feeling eachother during the process is a disadvantage at first glance, but also allows different detail work at home for each individual while working on a track and also raises a disance, an awareness for decisions that are made and how much one track of one musician changes the whole song, once it’s added, layer by layer.



As the director/initiator and singer of this project I would like to address my personal motivation. A voice is an instrument in permanent change, very intimate. The ways in which it can be ‘played’ and shaped are endless. I would like to discover these possibilities in the context of this project (through different music styles, musicians, influences, ideas, without limits) - hoping to free myself from imitating other artists by consciously copying parts of their singing and developing my voice as the project grows - and I hope other musicians can fulfill similar wishes in their technique and musical expression with ‘SOMP’.


- Since when does ‘SOMP’ exist?

Spring 2012

- What music genre are the songs chosen from?

Indie, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Bossa, Pop, Folk - a mix

- Who can take part?

Anyone who enjoys music, plays an instrument and has recording tools and internet to work with. Go to ‘JOIN’

- Who initiated the project?

My name is Lia Sáile, I am a German artist living in Vienna and perceived and manage the whole art project.

Together with my brother Lutz I have been making personal music projects since 10 years. We had the idea to expand/extend it and connect everything online. Thanks to my brother for all the support and patience. And to Susan Dennis Gabriel and Eileen Küpper. Without them I’d sound even more like a mouse. De-mousation.

to be continued..